When it became clear that it was too late for us to save ourselves, the hidden rocketships appeared.

The alien loudspeakers echoed across the land: they were here to save humanity. They would give us safe passage to a glorious new, bigger, verdant earth-plus planet, until now untouched by “intelligent” life. We would get the chance to start over.

But there was a catch.

There is one group of people who will have to stay behind. One group to be the last outpost of humanity in a world that will become uninhabitable to our species as a whole.

This group of people is the reason this rescue was needed in the first place. And so they are charged with staying behind on a dying world to figure themselves out until such a point that they have proved themselves worthy of rejoining the rest of humanity and/or died trying. Then they will be guaranteed safe passage, too.

I ask you to think on the following question for 24 hours and then respond below: Who is this group that is left behind?



A treacherous stormtrooper, quietly loosening bolts inside the Death Star. www.risksomething.org

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