Thanks for reading and responding Courtney. Yes, I definitely think that in the end, integrated schools and lives are what offers us the best hope for an equitable society. AND…”we” are so far away from having done the healing that has to happen amongst “our” own people (here I’m speaking about privileged White people) that we are not at all ready to come to the multiracial table. Our shit is so deep, and we are so immune to smelling it, OR we are so consumed with how smelly it is, that real, equity-focused conversation is a dream. I don’t want unhealed, entitled White parents (this is not you I’m talking about but I’m sure you can picture the type!) demanding diversity in their schools if they aren’t willing to do their own work. So I agree with you about how important integration is, AND I believe that once White people en masse start to actually do our own racial healing work, those opportunities will emerge organically.


A treacherous stormtrooper, quietly loosening bolts inside the Death Star.

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